Science and Living Things

Hinterland’s Who’s Who

Fact sheets about Canadian birds and mammals. (Information available in English and French).

Electronic Zoo

For other animals, see the list of great animal web sites from a Washington University Veterinarian.

Natural History Notebooks

Brief information on plants, insects, reptiles, fish, birds, mammals and prehistorical life from around the world by Canadian Museum of Nature. (Information available in English and French.)

Animal Printouts at Enchanted Learning online

Choose simple printouts of birds, amphibians, dinosaurs, fish, insects and mammals for your project. Search by alphabetical listing or from where they live.

Great Canadian Scientists

Long profiles or quick reference biographies of Canadian Scientists are available.

Invention facts and myths

Find out the true story (and inventor) behind some everyday things.

Meet the minds

For biographical information about Canadian inventors and their inventions from the Canadian Engineering Hall of Fame. (Information available in English and French).

National Inventors Hall of Fame

Biographies of world inventors and their inventions with help from the United States Patent Office.

Ask Dr. Universe

Science questions and answers.

Building Big

Explore large structures, from bridges to tunnels, skyscrapers to domes from this PBS television site.

Super Bridge

Work through different problems as you build a bridge from this PBS/NOVA Online site about bridges. Includes bridge resources to further explore some other sites to help you build your own bridges.

Endangered Species Information

Information on endangered species from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

Ontario’s Biodiversity: Species at Risk

Endangered species across all the bioregions of the province. Site is a partnership between the Royal Ontario Museum and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. See also the Field Guides of common animals based upon regions.

Species at Risk in Canada

Fact sheets for endangered Canadian animals and plant life. Select Search Tools and use the easier Species Search to type in the name of your topic. (Information available in English and French).


Fun activities about energy sources and energy conservation from EcoKids Online.

IPL Science Fair Project Resource Guide

Help with ideas, choosing a topic, the scientific method and other resources.

Mad Scientists’ Edible/Inedible Experiments Archives

Looking for a great science experiment? Check out the site that says “Science should be fun…science should be edible“. Experiments are listed by subject, with information about grade level.

Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab

Shhh! Promise you will not tell anyone, but Reeko has some great experiments; these are sorted by subjects and difficulty level.

Chasing the Sun

A companion web site to the PBS series on the history of commercial aviation in the United States.

Canadian Ecozones

Information about the animals found, climate, plants and human uses for all the twenty zones of Canada.

Chain Reaction

Find out who eats who as you learn about the herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores who make up a food chain, from EcoKids Online. Check out EcoKid’s main page for more information on the living world around you.

Fun with Food Webs

Build an Arctic, Meadow and Pond food web which you can print.

Ontario’s Biodiversity: Field Guides

Create field guides of common animals from around Ontario. For endangered animals see the site’s Ontario Species at Risk.

KidsHealth.Org for Kids

This site has information about your body, how it works, good diet and hygiene and what happens when things go wrong (i.e. diseases).

How Stuff Works

Ever wonder how that microwave oven in the kitchen works, or how about that jet engine? Find out the facts about everyday things here.

Simple Machines

Learn about simple machines (gears, incline planes, levers, pulleys, screws, wheels and axle) that you can find around your house.

Forces of Nature Resources

For information about volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Natural Hazards

The National Atlas of Canada’s site dedicated to Canadian disasters, from earthquakes to mudslides.(French version also available).

Volcano World

If it’s a volcano, you will find it here. Recent eruptions and volcanoes around the world with photographs.

Ask the Answer Worm

If you have questions about soil and dirt, ask the United States Department of Agriculture’s Answer Worm.

Mining and Minerals

From National Resources Canada.


This site helps you dig up some facts about rocks and minerals.


Information about the solar system, the planets, space travel and more.

The Nine Planets: a multimedia tour of the solar system

More advanced information about our solar system from space agencies throughout the world.

Canadian Space Agency

Information about Canadian Astronauts and space technology. (Information available in English and French)

Dan’s Wild Wild Weather Page

Simple weather information from a television meteorologist Dan Satterfield.


Games & Activities about weather, virtual weather office, and have your class participate in the Skywatchers Program.