Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations

Information on life during Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient India, and Ancient China.

Odyssey Online

Take a trip back in time to learn about the ancient worlds of Egypt, Greece, the Near East (including Mesopotamia and Babylon) and Rome.

Mystery of the Maya

Find facts on language, calendar, ancient cities and pyramids and the Mayans living today. (Information available in English and French)

Mayan Kids

Learn about the people, their cities, and their beliefs or just play some games. (Skip the introduction on the first page for quicker loading)

Explorers — Virtual Museum of New France

Profiles of Brule, Cartier, Champlain, and all your favourite explorers of early Canada. (Information available in English and French)

Passageways: true tales of adventure for young explorers

Discover this site from the National Library of Canada for more explorers of Canada; includes maps and photographs. For senior grades, see the companion site Pathfinders & Passageways : the exploration of Canada. (Both sites have information available in English and French)

Kid’s Castle

Travel around the castle and learn about life during the middle ages from this site aimed at primary students.

Medieval Technology

Did people in the Middle Ages use soap? Discover everyday tools during the Medieval Times.

Middle Ages

Great information about the Middle Ages in Europe.

Make your own helmet

Cleveland Museum of Art has a project for you to build your own knight’s helmet.

Medieval Jobs

From almoners to weavers, learn about what people did.

Mostly Medieval — Medieval Medicine

Medieval doctors and cures for diseases.

HyperHistory Online

Which came first the Vikings of Europe or the Maya of Central America? Locate historical events and people  here on these time-lines of world history.

This Day in History

What happened on your birthday? Find out from Yahooligan’s and The History Channel.