Trade by Products (Industry Canada)

Make your own reports of what products Canada Imports/Exports with any country in the world.

Canada’s presence in the world (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade)

Country/market information available for most countires that Canada trades with.

Famous Canadians

Search your favourite famous Canadians.

Pioneer life in Upper Canada

A web site for Grade 3 students, learn about how pioneers arrived here, how they settled the land and how they lived. (Information available in English and French.)

Homesteaders: Settling in Canada

Homesteading in Western Canada.

Upper Canada Village Museum

Tour the buildings and discover life in the 1860s.

Canadian Heritage River System

Maps, photographs and information about the growing list of heritage and historic rivers of Canada. (Information available in English and French).

National Atlas of Canada Online

Quick maps available for all the provinces and territories (available for colour or outline maps).

Black History Canada

History and biographies of Canadians of African descent.

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Take a walk through Canada’s history, or learn how to make a birch bark canoe from our First Nations, or face the hardships of Vietnamese boat people; all this is from our national museum. (Information available in English and French)

Compact First Nations Histories

For First Nations across North America, which includes Canada, look at the materials summarized by Lee Saltzman.

Homes of the Past — The archaeology of an Iroquioan Longhouse

See an example of a Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) village and longhouses from the Royal Ontario Museum.

Kids’ Stop (Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada)

What places in Canada are named have First Nations’ names? Find out here, as well as profiles of famous Canadians, history and quick facts about First Nations in Canada. (Available in English and French.)

Living Traditions: museums honour the North American Indigenous games

Learn about traditional First Nations games and sports, and try your hand at some online games (these require the Flash plug-in).

NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art

Learn about how Native Peoples used wood, clay and plants in their daily lives. A detailed profile of life in the Eastern Woodlands is also included.

Wave Eaters: native watercraft in Canada

Kayaks, umiaks, bark canoes and dugouts. Learn about the different types of canoes used by Native Peoples in Canada. (Information available in English and French)

Canada in the Making — Biographies

Selected biographies of early Canadian leaders (pre-Confederation)  and Fathers of Confederation.  Choose Biographies from the bottom menu. This site also includes historical documents, maps of early Canada and activities. (Information available in English and French).

Prime Minister of Canada web site

Find information about the current Prime Minister and the Government of Canada. Play games in the Kids Zone and Youth sections. Follow the links from the main page. (Information available in English and French).

First Among Equals: the Prime Minister in Canadian life and politics

Biographical profiles and information the office of the Prime Minister. (Information available in English and French.)

How Canadians govern themselves

Online edition of the book on the Government of Canada by Senator Eugene Forsey. (Information available in English and French.)

Your Local Government — Government in Ontario

More information on the three levels of government, from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.

About Canada

From the Government of Canada, this site is all about Canada, its symbols and flag, provinces and territories, as well as general information about our society, your government and our economy. (Information available in English and French)