Solve boredom while stuck at home

Here are several links of activities that you and your family can do while practicing social distancing.

Several Ontario museums are also available for 3D virtual tours, including:

Find a Trail in Ontario

Ontario Trail Maps:

Here you will find on-road and off-road cycling routes, cycling loops with descriptions, hiking and walking trails, and much more in a set of easy-to-read full colour regional maps.

Other topics to research and share with your community:

  1. Homeschooling (Khan Academy and its ilk)
  2. Exercising at home
  3. Board Games
  4. Structured outdoor games (Remember Relievio? Hopscotch, Skipping, etc.  Channel your own kid-hood!)
  5. Age- and grade-appropriate workbooks or other school-oriented items that you can print off from the internet.
  6. Recipes children can do with supervision
  7. Of course, e-books, audiobooks, videogames, e-magazines, etc.